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Yoga Begins Now: 5-Week Introduction to Yoga

Ready to try yoga? We know, yoga can seem intimidating and confusing. That's why we offer this comprehensive course for beginning students. During this course you will receive a thorough introduction to the basics of yoga, gain confidence in your natural capabilities and learn to feel good in your own body. You will say "hello" to a variety of beginner level poses, breathwork, alignment basics, and learn how to modify your poses for your ability and to stay safe. This course is perfect for anyone who is curious about trying yoga. Just for beginners. 

Included in this course: 

• learn the form of foundations poses

• practice flowing with your breath

• understand use of props and modifications

• heal injuries and get free of pain

• explore key concepts in yoga philosophy

• experience meditation and stress reduction

• take away homework practice sequences, contemplations and class notes