Making The Myths Your Story: Volume 1


Making The Myths Your Story: Volume 1


This full course is an exploration of yoga's six, most popular, ancient myths. The narratives of Ganesha, Kali, Saraswati, Lakshmi, Hanuman, Nataraja and Lakshmi will be a jumping off point for yoga students and teachers to discover their own relationship with these vibrant tales of transformation, power, inspiration, devotion, grace and beauty. The goal is to make these lofty legends relevant to our everyday lives.


  • Over 2.5 hours of MP3 recordings of each story that you can listen to again and again.
  • Illustrated handouts noting the symbolism of each diety.
  • Contemplative journaling assignments that get to essential questions about who—and how—we are.
  • Access to private Facebook group where students can share and discuss personal reflections that arise from their study of Hindu mythology.
  • Bonus Recording! Broken Pieces Of The Story:* a mala, or garland, of fragments of the Ganesha myth. Because storytelling is not about perfection. It's about what we can comprehend of the mess and if we recognize ourselves in it. *Inspired by teachings from Dr. Douglas Brooks. Only offered with the full Volume 1. 

This course is accredited through the Yoga Alliance and counts towards 20 hours of non-contact continuing education hours, which fulfills the entire 3-year requirement for teachers.

Myths also available individually, for those on a budget, or who want to savor the stories, one at a time. 

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