Five Reasons to Participate in a Yoga Teacher Training

DEEPEN YOUR PRACTICE – learn the poses from the inside out: yoga anatomy, alignment, key actions, therapeutic benefits, modifications and hands-on adjustments. You will experience your yoga in new, interesting and meaningful ways. 

IMMERSE INTO YOU – invest in your health, your education and your personal growth. Two asana practices every day for 30 days will definitely improve your fitness and help you feel radiantly alive. Meditation, mantra and mudra practices will bring clarity and connectedness. When was the last time you truly focused on yourself? 

STUDY YOGIC TEACHINGS - learn about yoga's origins, practices and belief systems and consider why they're important today. "What am I" is a scientific study. "Who am I" is a spiritual inquiry. These sublime questions will instigate, elevate and enrich our practices, discussions and lives. Are you unsatisfied with small talk? Ready to deepen the conversation? 

MAKE TRUE FRIENDS - cultivate meaningful relationships with folks who are also walking the path of yoga. The connections that are created during teacher training often last a lifetime. Long after you've forgotten what a sanskrit word like "kalyanamitra" means, you'll have numbers stored in your phone of people who will remind you. 

LEARN TO TEACH – We are all each others teachers. Even if you never teach a yoga class, there is value in learning to serve others, speak in public, express your ideas and feelings, guide an experience or plan a step-by-step lesson. Helping someone improve, understand or find more ease is profoundly rewarding for both teacher and student.