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The Waves: Six-week Samavesha Deep-Study Course on Vinyasa Yoga

Align with and within the currents of Grace


THE WAVES: Six-week Samavesha Deep-Study Course on Vinyasa Flow
Mondays Oct 6 - Nov 10, 2014, 6-8pm

These days "vinyasa" is a broad term that encompasses a lot of creative approaches to asana practice. Distinguished by breath-based movement, bandhas (energy locks), dristi (gaze), dynamic sequencing, rhythm and repetition, vinyasa is as much a dance as a destination. It can be safe, grounded aligned and intelligent. This is a progressive series where each session builds on the last. Attendence in all sessions is ideal.*  Open to non-injured students with a foundational yoga practice. Week-by-week practice will become increasingly challenging depending on the abilities of the group. Each session will include an original sequence, pranayama, mantra, mudra and embodied philosophy


Waves of Energy
Learn pranayama, techniques for Surynamaskar (sun salutations) and flow through familiar foundational postures. Step one in learning key principles of vinyasa. 

Waves of Light
Vinyasa practice requires focus and cultivates greater awareness. Find rhythm through repetition in Suryanamaskar and progressively layer in standing poses, balancing poses and basic arm balances

Waves of Courage
Arm balances and inversions without the familiar comforts of walls and props bring up fear and call forth our sanity, skill and self-honor. Fly into arm balance transitions, strengthen the core, and learn the secrets of the bandhas.

Waves of Devotion
Hanuman-inspired flow featuring hip openers & forward bends. Includes mantra, mudra and puja.

Waves of Creativity
Non-traditional, unexpected, playful set of poses including a brainstorm of backbends and innovative transition strategies. 

Waves of Gratitude
Pre-holiday flow full of backbends, twists and arm balances.

 $100 Series / *$20 Drop-in Session