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The Places We Unite With The Divine: Samavesha Deep-Study Courses

The Samavesha deep-study program offers hand-crafted, conscious courses to sincere students of all levels and abilities. It's a comprehensive, embracing and effective yoga training program led by respected instructors, Jeanie Manchester and Patrick Montgomery. Our well-rounded curriculum explores the fullness of an authentic spiritual practice with courses in asana, meditation and philosophy. We provide a safe and inspired environment in which to evolve and refine one's yoga practice. You will have the opportunity to ask questions, interact, get feedback and gain clarity about your practice.

Most of our trainings take place in an intensive series format. In addition to weekly practices, you will receive a study guides, homework assignments, home practices and be part of a Facebook Group where you can share with other participants.

This Spring & Summer I am offering an eleven week, 4-part asana + mythology course. Each session begins with a mythic story and leads us into the places within ourselves where we connect to the Divine. Students will learn alignment, progressing from a foundation, to more complex and challenging postures, culminating in a five-week series on alignment-focused vinyasa flow.

mostly standing poses + meditation
all levels
3 Mondays, April 7-21 6-8pm 

The mountain top is about the spaciousness of the air, setting clear intentions and having perspective on why we practice yoga. Space, stillness, silence and strength are all access points to the Highest within ourselves. In this course we take a much closer look at the key actions, shapes and benefits of the foundational postures.You will progressively build strength, flexibility, endurance, and balance as you become steadfast in your yoga practice. 

forward bends, hip openers & twists + pranayama
all levels
4 Mondays, April 28- May 19, 6-8pm 

The Tillai Forest isn't about clarity like the sky, or intensity like the flames of the cremation pyre, it's a place of dappled light, not completely light or shadowed, part of it is concealed, part revealed. This is the midline, a place where we make choices, restore our strengths and find our path. Your understanding of anatomy, biomechanics, and form will expand as you explore the complexity that comes with depth and refinement. 

arm balances & backbends + long shavasanas
4 Mondays, May 26 - June 16, 6-8:15pm 

The cremations grounds are about transformation in an extreme, primal kind of way. Shifting from one form to another requires fire in every molecule of our being. You'll get the tips, tools and encouragement to uplevel your practice. What it takes to re-create ourself is more than technique. It might take all the strength one has plus the support of community. We may have to shift our lifestyle, our attitude and work within our hearts.


Coming Sept 8-29 
a five week series on vinyasa flow 


Anjaneya Yoga Shala
1480 Violet Ave, Boulder