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Art of Asana - Part 2 - Six-week series on practice and teaching intermediate asana

Ready to deepen your understanding of the next level of practice? Learn step-by-step how to practice and teach more challenging postures safely. Deconstruct poses from every category of asana including: backbends, inversions, hand balances, hip openers, forward bends, twists and binds. Expand your understanding of anatomy, biomechanics, and form as you explore more complex asanas and receive individual feedback and attention from the teacher. Create variety in your practice, prepare your body for pinnacle postures, modify challenging poses, and build the strength and flexibility that apex poses require. Commit to daily practice and study, creating a transformational six-week sadhana. Expand your capacity, cultivate virtue through action, and have a ton of fun with other devoted practitioners and teachers!

Six-Week Series Format. 20 hrs towards Yoga Alliance EYRT500 certification